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2021 was the recovery year for the majority of the restaurant industry outlets. 2022 is the year for growth. From the change of consumer expectations to the popular items in the menu and new technology trends, recent trends are expected to dominate the industry in 2022. This report is designed to introduce trends in the food and hospitality industry and give insights to restaurateurs to streamline their business.


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Key Metrics
 Discover customer dietary trends, order preferences for taking out and dining-in, preferred menu types, and which technologies customers use to discover restaurants or cafes
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Menu Trends
Discover what types of foods consumers are looking for and get a complete understanding of how to convert your menu to meet these demands
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Sustainability Trends
Sustainability is an overall theme that's taking the world by storm and for good reason. Find out what are the trends on sustainability within the food industry to better focus your efforts towards a more sustainable and Eco-friendly business
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Ordering Technologies
Find out shifts in consumer behavior and preferred order channels such as online ordering and the impact of digital menus and payment systems consumers are actively seeking throughout their dining experience
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Automation for Success
Find out what automation schemes you can utilize to improve your overall dining experience from ordering to payments 
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Digital-Only Brands and Ghost Kitchen
Discover different business models and digital practices that are on the verge that you can adapt to your business